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What is Hysterectomy Surgery?

Feb 12th, 2014

Many women come to my practice for a consultation and ask this very basic question: “What is a hysterectomy?” A total hysterectomy literally means we are removing the uterus and the cervix. The only physiological purpose of the uterus is to carry a pregnancy, so if a medical condition requires hysterectomy for treatment, a woman can continue leading a healthy life without her uterus.

A total hysterectomy does not always include the ovaries and the fallopian tubes (although it can). For example, women often choose to keep their ovaries and tubes when getting a hysterectomy for abnormal bleeding, and the ovaries will continue to produce hormones. If a woman is past the age of menopause and the ovaries no longer produce hormones, we typically remove the ovaries when we perform a hysterectomy.

When I meet with a patient in the office to discuss a hysterectomy surgery, we consider the different options develop a treatment plan that fits her individual needs. That way, when the day of surgery arrives, she can go into the operating room feeling confident that I will perform the best surgery for her. To learn more about the hysterectomy, please view the video “What is a Hysterectomy?” from my YouTube Channel Ask Dr. K TV.

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