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Nutrition and cancer is a hotly debated discussion among medical professionals. New guidelines for what to eat and what not to eat are always changing. It can be difficult to decide what is the best path for your dietary health in order to remain cancer free. However, as empowered patients, we know that educating ourselves… Read More

HysterSisters is an online support group and resource site for women looking for hysterectomy information, from diagnosis to surgery recovery. Thousands of women from around the world call themselves HysterSisters, bonding together to share wisdom on the hysterectomy process, from surgery preparation, recovery, treatment options, hormonal issues, sexual dysfunction and more. The website provides discussion… Read More

Pelvic masses are common occurrences for women that often lead to a visit with a surgeon. Many women who feel a lump or a mass in their pelvic area find it while lying in bed. Other women notice their stomach gets bigger despite trying to lose weight. Some women describe a heavy feeling, as though… Read More