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Welcome to Bonus Content for Not Your Mother’s Hysterectomy

If you have already purchased my book Not Your Mother’s Hysterectomy: A Transformation in Women’s Health Care, please enter the password below to access your Bonus Content.
The password is located on page 145 of the paperback version and on page 2415 on the Kindle.

I have developed a Toolkit to help you prepare for your surgery with confidence. The Kit includes:

  • Printable versions of the Important Facts About Me worksheet as well as a sample worksheet to help you fill out your own.
  • Downloadable versions of the Questions for My Surgeon, with benchmark answers to guide your understanding of your surgeon’s responses.

As a FREE gift, here is a printable version of What to Bring to My Doctor Visit.

Please purchase the book to get the Password for the remainder of the supplementary material.

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