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An Apple a Day Keeps the Cancer Away

Jun 11th, 2014

Healthy Food Groups Pyramid

Nutrition and cancer is a hotly debated discussion among medical professionals. New guidelines for what to eat and what not to eat are always changing. It can be difficult to decide what is the best path for your dietary health in order to remain cancer free. However, as empowered patients, we know that educating ourselves about our diet is the best way to improve our health!

Here’s what we do know. Keeping your body mass index within a healthy range is an important part of remaining cancer free. It was once thought that fat cells were simply storage units for excess calories.  However, we now know that fat is a hormone secreting organ, and can actually communicate with the rest of your body, giving it signals like other organs do. Excess body fat can lead not just to cancer but also to diabetes and heart disease. To maintain a healthy weight (and feel great, too) I recommend avoiding processed carbohydrates (breads, rice, breakfast cereals), and adding things like meats, fish, nuts, leafy greens, fruit, and seeds into your diet (see pyramid above).

However, remember that not all fat is bad. Many high fat natural food items like avocados and nuts are rich in omega-3 fats that protect against diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Nuts, seeds, and avocados satiate hunger better than processed carbohydrates because they are loaded with critical nutrients and fiber. Avoid vegetable oils, canola oil, soybean oil, and saffron oil, as they are inflammatory and put stress on your immune system. Instead, opt for coconut oil and olive oil for cooking and salad dressings.

For more information on establishing a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition, I recommend cookbooks like Well Fed and Nourishing Traditions. Feel free to comment below on your favorite nutritional habits or to recommend healthy recipes to our community!

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