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Gynecologic Cancers

September is both Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month and Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Part of my mission as a gynecologic oncologist and author of Not Your Mother’s Hysterectomy: A Transformation in Women’s Health Care is to educate and empower women to be their own health advocates. This month of awareness is to draw attention to gynecologic… Read More

Many times I am approached by postmenopausal women with concerns about removing their ovaries during hysterectomy. They frequently ask, “Will I need to take hormones after the surgery?” However, these women are already in menopause, and their ovaries are no longer producing hormones. It would be like removing your appendix- it has no function, so… Read More

Last week I was a guest on Joni Aldrich‘s radio show Treatment SOS. The interview is packed with knowledge every woman should know, including the different types of gynecological cancers, risk factors, symptoms, and screening. We discussed uterine/womb cancer, cervical, and ovarian cancer.  Listen to the interview below.

Learning about your doctor is an important part of being your own health advocate, and I go into great depth about this topic in my book, Not Your Mother’s Hysterectomy: A Transformation in Women’s Health Care. However, an equally important part of the hysterectomy process is giving your doctor the important information about yourself, so… Read More

On Friday, July 18, 2014 I was a guest on Dr. Keller’s radio show “Get Your Sexy Back” on KLAV 1230 am, one of the oldest am radio stations in Las Vegas. I had a great time speaking on her show and talking to the callers. Please enjoy the audio below- we discuss everything from… Read More

Cervical dysplasia is caused by infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV). HPV can infect the skin and glands of the lower genital tract, including the vulva, vagina, cervix, and cervical canal. There are different types of strains of the virus; some that are more likely to cause genital warts and some confer a higher… Read More

Nutrition and cancer is a hotly debated discussion among medical professionals. New guidelines for what to eat and what not to eat are always changing. It can be difficult to decide what is the best path for your dietary health in order to remain cancer free. However, as empowered patients, we know that educating ourselves… Read More

Pelvic masses are common occurrences for women that often lead to a visit with a surgeon. Many women who feel a lump or a mass in their pelvic area find it while lying in bed. Other women notice their stomach gets bigger despite trying to lose weight. Some women describe a heavy feeling, as though… Read More

For a woman about to undergo a hysterectomy, one of the biggest fears she faces is how she will handle the post surgery recovery. After all, you are asleep during your surgery and you put your life in your doctor’s hands. It’s only when you wake up do you begin to measure the success of… Read More

I am excited to announce that this Saturday, May 17 I will be teaching a Master Class on robotic surgery using the Da Vinci Surgical System to physicians in Las Vegas at Mountain View Hospital. Robotic hysterectomy surgery is an excellent option for patients wanting minimally invasion surgery. For a peek inside one of my surgeries, click… Read More